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This review is about the Cruz Ereader case, which comes in multiple colors and has a number of features. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your Kindle or other eBook reader from damage, then this may be the product for you!

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Features of Velocity Micro Cruz Ereader Case

1. Designed for the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader (part #R-101)
2. High quality, full-grain leather
3. Soft, protective inner lining

1. Designed for the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader (part #R-101)

The Cruz Reader is a small device that you can slip into your pocket and always have with you, but the case on offer here is also designed to be durable enough to accompany you even when it’s out of sight. It features a polyurethane cover made from an innovative technology called VX Grip™ – this means that reading in any position or lighting situation will never strain your arm or neck.

2. High quality, full-grain leather

A high quality, full-grain leather case for your new Cruz Ereader.

3. Soft, protective inner lining

The Velocity Micro Cruz Ereader Case is perfect for readers who want something that can be carried in a bag or purse. The case has an inner lining made of soft, protective material to help protect the device from scratches and scuffs while still maintaining its slim profile. This means you’re getting maximum protection with minimal bulk and weight.,

Reviews & Ratings of Velocity Micro Cruz Ereader Case

Our Rating: 1.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The customer reviews on Amazon are pretty terrible for the Velocity Micro Cruz Ereader Case, with just one review of 1 star out of a possible 5.
But when you look at other listings and compare prices (at time of writing there were two listings that ranged from $5 to $50) then it’s easy to see why they’re so cheap in comparison.
One reviewer said “I had given up on my original case after 6 months” which was clearly not what he wanted because his product was only worth about 4 dollars as opposed to this expensive buy new case. Another said “This is actually a really bad quality product! The elastic band broke right away”
This suggests that perhaps the company has been selling counterfeit or ‘dodgy’ products before, judging by their poor sales ratings and lack of good reviews


The Velocity Micro Cruz Ereader Case is a great product for your tablet, with an adjustable stand and sturdy construction. The stitching on the case is done well enough to avoid any durability issues. It has just one flaw: it doesn’t fit the newer Amazon Kindle models like some other cases do. If you have an older or smaller model of Kindle, this is a good choice for you!

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