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I’m sure everyone in your life has a Blu Studio 5.5 HD phone, so why not get them this great case? It’s shockproof and made from silicone for protection against falls, which is perfect to keep their device safe. I was looking around my local electronics store when I stumbled upon the Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blu Studio 5.5 HD that had such good reviews on Amazon that it convinced me to buy one myself!

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Features of Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blu Studio 5.5 HD

1. 360° Protection
2. Reinforced Corners
3. Soft Silicone

1. 360° Protection

This Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blu Studio 5.5 HD is designed to be thin, light and flexible whilst also providing 360° protection from falls of up to 8 feet (2.4 meters). This case is made entirely out of silicone which means it won’t absorb stains or odors such as those that can come from other materials like polycarbonate plastics or glass etc..

2. Reinforced Corners

This shockproof silicone bumper case is designed to fit around the Blu Studio 5.5 HD phone and features two reinforced corners for added protection in case you drop it accidentally.

3. Soft Silicone

The Blu Studio 5.5 HD is a rugged little handheld with an 8-hour battery life, but even this tough guy can’t take it if he falls or drops the device on his face when the camera turns off and goes to sleep. The Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blue Studios has been designed to protect your device from bumps and impact damage during daily activities like walking around town, taking pictures at events or just playing games in between classes.

Reviews & Ratings of Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blu Studio 5.5 HD

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case for Blu Studio 5.5 HD is a must-have accessory. It offers full protection against drops, bumps, and shocks so your device won’t get damaged in the process of using it. The case has an anti-slip finish to keep the phone firmly gripped on surfaces as well as a raised edge that prevents damage when you set it down face first onto surfaces like tables or desks.,
I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Shockproof Silicone Bumper Case 4.7 stars out of possible 5 on average..
The customer reviews are mostly positive with some criticisms around its build quality but no one else seems to have experienced these problems either so this might not be such an issue after all? Other customers said “Incredibly durable”; “Very good product!”; “It’s about time someone made something tough enough for my blu”; “This was worth every cent I spent;” and finally,”Works perfect!”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend The Shock Proof Silicone Bump Covers by Vantage provide excellent drop protection for mobile devices which can otherwise be expensively replaced if damaged by falls or other mishaps


This product is a great option for those looking to protect their phone from bumps and scratches. It comes in multiple colors, making it easy to find your favorite color. With the case on your phone, you’re also protected from accidental drops or falls, which can be caused by loose cords.

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