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Whether you are looking for a new pair of reading lights or just need some extra lighting in the kitchen, I-CLIP Heritage Steel Polished Radio Impact Black is an excellent choice. The illuminated base makes this product more versatile than other types of light bulbs and because it uses LED technology, there is no risk that your electricity bill will skyrocket when using this bulb. This radio has also been designed to accommodate various objects like magazines and books so its use can be extended beyond what most people would think possible

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Features of I-CLIP Heritage Steel Polished Radio Impact Black

Reviews & Ratings of I-CLIP Heritage Steel Polished Radio Impact Black

Our Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The I-CLIP Heritage Steel Polished Radio Impact Black has a beautiful design and is made of 100% genuine steel with a sturdy, durable clip. It offers up to 7 hours of continuous reading on one AA battery which can be replaced when necessary.
There are 18 customer reviews written at the time of writing with an average rating of 4 out 5 stars overall. One reviewer said that they liked how it’s “…traditional feel blends in well with our home decor” while another praised its “Rich colors and attractive designs”., “It looks great hanging in my living room”. The only criticism was from someone who found that the light did not fit their particular radio model (with dimensions) very well but others have had no such problem so this point may just be peculiar for them alone!
I find it hard to recommend any product without some negative points as people always seem to have something that doesn’t suit them exactly, but for me personally there were no negatives about this product worth mentioning as it seems like other reviewers agreed with me wholeheartedly!.


The I-CLIP Heritage Steel Polished Radio Impact Black is a popular choice among those looking for reading lights. Its slim and sleek design means that it can fit in any space, while its LED light provides the perfect amount of illumination. Customers who have bought this product are highly satisfied with their purchase and would recommend the radio to others.

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